Pork Burgers Recipe

Pork Burgers Recipe

Here’s a different hamburger recipe, it’s “Hamburger Thai style” and they even make them with fish too but this is the Pork version, so no bad smells and they’re laced with coconut and curry paste.

You can make these very easily and the only awkward ingredient (depending on where you live) is Kaffir Lime leaves the rest is straightforward. In the full video tutorial we give a lovely alternative to Kaffir lime which works a treat.

The Burgers themselves are small hand formed patties dropped into deep oil and cooked for about 2 minutes, the ingredients used in the making of the mix makes for very light and fluffy burgers indeed. Very tasty and usually eaten with some kind of spicy sauce but of course the choice is yours.

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Here’s Where you’ll find the Full Thai Pork Burgers Recipe

Below is a basic, quick guide to the recipe together with this tiny preview video

Thai Pork Burgers Recipe
(Tod Man Moo)

Pork Burgers Ingredients:
minced pork
dessicated coconut
red curry paste
kaffir lime leaves
cooking oil
chicken stock
seasoning sauce
flour (special)

moisten the dessicated coconut or use fresh grated if you have fresh coconuts
strip kaffir leaves and top the chillies, put these two to one side with the cooking oil
mix all other ingredients leaving the flour til last to achieve the right consistency


get your wok hot with oil and add the leaves until curly and crisp, remove and replace with the dried chillies, until crisp and remove also
form pork into small patties and drop into oil for 2 minutes or until golden brown
removeand drain for a few minutes and serve
Finished… Done!

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