Beef Waterfall

Beef Waterfall Recipe

Beef Waterfall gets its name in typical Thai style in that its a descriptive of what it looks like when cooking.  You see Thai beef aint lean, like wot us westerners are used to!  Oh no, Thai beef is really organic stuff and full of marbly bits o’ fat and stuff so when you barbecue it the fat dribbles out into the fire.

Here’s where a falang may get confused. Nuea Yaang Nam Tok directly translated means Beef BBQ Water Fall and the dripping=falling oil=water drops into the fire which flares up and kinda looks like a fiery waterfall.  That’s the theory as best a I an understand it anyway

Other things to note are the number of websites stating that Beef Waterfall is a salad.  Is is not!  However it is used in various forms as part of a Salad recipe known as Yarm Nam Tok which is essentially this recipe which is then doused in another sauce/dressing and served up as a hot salad.  After all that you’re lucky if the meat is still hot unless of course you live in a very hot climate as we do here.

Beef Waterfall is BBQ Beef Recipe =  Nuea Yaang Nam Tok

There are two delicious sauces you would normally have with Beef Waterfall as you will see in the above video and they are BBQ sauce Recipe and Isaan BBQ Sauce give them a try yourself

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The big bang half way through the video???
If you’ve ever been to Thailand you will have eaten off one of those flimsy metal fold up tables, well ours blew over!

Warmest Regards
Jules and ‘er Ladyship

Here’s Where you’ll find the Full Beef Waterfall Recipe

Below is a basic, quick guide to the recipe together with this tiny preview video

Beef Waterfall Recipe


The stuff that goes in it
real organic fatty beef
lime juice
sesame oil
chicken stock
seasoning sauce

Prepare it thus
slice the beef into steaks for bbq and pound them to soften
marinade in lime juice, chicken stock, seasoning sauce and sesame oil
leave for 1/2 – 2 hours

cook over a medium heat barbecue and turn regularly until fully cooked
then slice while hot

shove it on a plate with some fresh veggies, invite some friends, open a beer or two and chill out with the most delicious beefy bites you will have ever tasted.

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